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As a member of the Georgia Cemetery Association, you will receive valuable benefits not available elsewhere to help you, your profession and the families you serve.

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The Georgia Cemetery Association is your support and resource center for cemetery related questions and concerns.


The Georgia Cemetery Association began in 1955 and was formally established as a non-profit corporation in 1957 and continues to serve both perpetual care cemeteries and consumers across the state of Georgia.

Through our educational programs, annual convention and seminars, the GCA brings to its membership, information that allows cemeteries statewide, to operate and serve consumers in their communities with the most current of services and products and with the highest of ethic standards.

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How to PokeSTOP - Pokemon Go

The latest computer game craze is Pokemon GO and it is either a blessing or a curse to retail stores and even private homes. Cemeteries and funeral homes are also likely sites for the elusive "ghost" to be located at a real-time location with players showing up numbering anywhere from one or two people into the hundreds. Depending upon a retailer's point of view, this new game is either an opportunity to develop prospects, or a royal pain and general nuisance. Those businesses that want "in" to this game can list themselves as a Pokestop and attract visitors as a Pokelure. However, business owners and managers not so inclined may want to remove their location from the game. To do this, Niantic, the Pokemon GO people, have established a link to let you do just that. Go (no pun intended) to www.telapost.com/remove-pokemon that will link you to the removal site and provide you with helpful tips. The ICCFA has already requested the removal of its office location although it is too soon to know whether it has been done.


REMINDER - Licence Renewal Deadline Approaching

Establishment and Personal Licences

Please check your Cemetery Establishment Licence expiration date and your Pre-Need Sales Agents expiration dates and renew if appropriate. Many licences need to be renewed by August 1st, through the Georgia Secretary of States Website.


GCA Elects new Board of Directors for 2016-2017 Term

Billy Hendrix elected as new GCA President

During the GCA Annual Meeting on June 14th, 2016 in Charleston South Carolina, members of the association voted on its new 2016 2017 Board of Directors. To see the complete list, visit the website - www.gacemeteries.com under the "About Us" tab, "Our Team"


GCA Members Update on recent DOL Final Ruling

GCA - sends SEAY's MANAGEMENT REPORT TO CURRENT MEMBERS.... In the past several days since the Department of Labor released the final rule implementing the new exempt salary levels, reaction from the business community, and from editorial observers, has been almost universally unfavorable. Complete newsletter available to members.

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August 30, 2016

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